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It's sports all day everyday.  Any questions you have about fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, or just anything in general, just ask.  Give me a shout or your punishment could be severe.

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    Top 100 hitters for 2013

    16 months ago

    A top 100 list of the best hitters in baseball for the 2013 season. I highlight why I rank Trout where I rank him. Bryce Harper to hit a sophomore slump? Giancarlo Stanton is ready to hit 50 HRs? Read here to see...

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    The legacy of Larry Bird: A Rare Bird

    18 months ago

    Chronicling the career of one of the greatest basketball players and people to have ever lived, Larry Bird. A memoir to his entire basketball career and legacy. How he stacks up against Magic Johnson and Michael...

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    Fantasy Basketball: Oh, No Thank You Players

    18 months ago

    Fantasy basketball players that you should do your best to avoid in drafts. Monta Ellis leads the pack. Of course, Blake Griffin is on the list as well. As he should be.

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    Turnovers are holding Tony Romo back

    19 months ago

    An in-depth look at why turnovers are killing Romo. But not in the way you think. I also point out a few other things that hold him back, and the burden he has on his shoulders.

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    Why Kobe Bryant is the most overrated player in NBA history

    19 months ago

    A look at why Kobe is the most overrated player in NBA history. I highlight red flags. His accomplishments. His perception in the clutch. How he compares against MJ and other all time greats.

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    2013 NBA Fantasy Basketball Projections

    19 months ago

    Fantasy Basketball projections for the 2012-13 season. A look at the top 100 players and their full projections for the upcoming season. Includes turnovers.

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    List of funny names in sports

    16 months ago

    A list of funny name variations for athletes, coaches, and teams. Including LeBrick, Kome, Fright Coward, and more.

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    2012-13 Top 10 best kept secrets in Fantasy Basketball

    20 months ago

    A list of low-key players who you can get great production from, even though you won't hear much about them. Names that include Goran Dragic, Jrue Holiday, Derrick, Favors, and many more.

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    Top NBA Point Guards

    19 months ago

    Breaking down the top-5 PGs in the NBA. This isn't your ordinary top-5 list. I'm breaking it down in full detail. Giving in-depth analysis, showing a few vids to go with it. I'm going to tell you why CP3 lands where...

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    2013 Top 100 Fantasy Baseball Keeper Rankings

    18 months ago

    A look at the top 100 baseball keepers for 2013. How high does Trout rank? Where does Bryce Harper fall? Is Eric Hosmer no longer a top-100 keeper? Is Roy Halladay too washed up to make list? Check it out, so we...

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    10 Songs You Must Listen To While You Work Out

    20 months ago

    Highlighting 10 of the greatest workout songs.

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    NFL Top 10 quarterbacks 2012

    20 months ago

    Ranking the Top-10 QBs in the NFL.

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    Top 10 Rappers of All Time

    19 months ago

    The top 10 greatest rappers of all time based on impact, flow, subject matter, and longevity. This might be the best list you'll ever find on the internet with in-depth analysis of each rapper. Where does Nas and...

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    Reasons You Shouldn't See Movies in Theaters

    18 months ago

    5 legitimate reasons why you shouldn't go see movies in theaters. My heart goes out to the victims of Aurora.

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